Jersey – knit – stretch


is the triad which sums up the materials of the collection. They enable optimum implementation of Kathleen Maddens creed:


superlative comfort and versatility to last the whole day through, casual, sporty, feminine.

The idea


Kathleen Madden is the brand whose

corporate identity is uniform throughout  –

the Manhattan skyline.


The success started with a T-shirt

made of jersey. This shirt became a T-beam

holding up an innovative idea:

Jerseys ´round the clock.

Your own look


To put it more precisely, the collection’s

 highlights consist of a variety of innovative

 fabrics which can be redeveloped for

every fashionable theme. Being able to freely

combine colors and pieces makes Kathleen

 Madden a basic medium for creating your

 own individualized look.


From dawn to dusk – sports – business – events

The perfect wardrobe for your busy life